Sitecore Google Chrome bug

We have learned recently that there is an issue with an upcoming version of Chrome that will cause components of Sitecore to stop working as intended.  This will only affect clients on versions less than Sitecore 7.1 using Chrome version 37 or higher.  The impact is that Sitecore popup dialogs stop working, blocking users from accessing certain screens in Sitecore.

There is a hot fix for the issue, but the exact fix is unique to the build of Sitecore you are running.  Sitecore support was able to give us specific updates for a particular release of Sitecore.


There is now a knowledge base article about the issue on Sitecore’s site, as well as a consistent fix that is more easily applied:

Author: Dan Persson

As the VP of Technology, Dan leads the MedTouch Product Team and is responsible for our healthcare modules for Sitecore as well as serving as a technical consultant to key clients. Dan has 15 years of experience with a variety of Content Management Software (CMS) tools and was instrumental in building the MedTouch Healthcare Accelerator Framework. He served as Technical Lead on several MedTouch award-winning sites, including The University of Kansas Hospital (Sitecore Healthcare Site of the Year Winner), Drexel Medicine (Interactive Media Awards, Hospital Best in Class 2012) and Providence Health & Services. Dan is a long-standing Sitecore certified developer and graduated from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, with a B.S. in Computer Science.

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